"Fed Up of Being Told They are Too Young"
We have a Special Designed Karate / Kickboxing Program for 3yr - 6yr olds

Karate For Kids aged 3years to 6years in Manchester and the North West
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Learn Valuable Life Skills

If you want your child to learn respect, confidence, manners, and self-control whilst they’re young,we have weekly themes to approach valuable life skills whilst having fun and developing hand-eye coordination. This martial arts program is specifically tailored towards kids aged 3 to 6.

Martial Arts for Toddlers

Nowadays, kids are aware of the martial arts due to its following on TV and mainstream media. They can pick up several techniques – punching and kicking from this. Having this kind of inquisitive behavior as a child is really good and we can help focus that energy in our kid’s martial arts classes! 

In our martial arts for toddler’s classes, we teach different kinds of martial arts. MMA does not mean that what we do is dangerous. Our teaching style depends on what style is taught and how it is taught. We make sure everything we teach is to the highest standard and that our students self defence skills will improve 

Martial Arts for 3-year-olds

As parents, you want to engage your three-year-old child in an activity that could contribute towards benefits to your child at that stage in life. At their young age, they are able to obtain knowledge regarding martial arts and experience how much fun doing martial is! 

Our kids program is not dangerous to your children even though they are just three years old. The way we teach our classes is specifically suited towards people in that age group. Moreover, while they are able to expand their knowledge and experience in martial arts, they are enjoying themselves because they gain new friends. 

Martial arts for 4-year-olds

If your child is only four years old, you will find a program that matches the age of your child. There is a class that can cater for two to four-year-old and parents are also allowed to participate in class. This kind of program focuses on the development of listening and gross motor skills of the child. This can also give the child a head start when entering other parts of the program when they are older. 

This is also a great opportunity for your children to strengthen their bonding with you as parents and allow you to participate to the whole activity as well as learning self defence and martial arts! Involving your children in martial arts at a young age is a good idea for you. They can develop their respect, strength, self-discipline, honor, safety, and their confidence as well. Therefore, this could give a great impact on the attitude and lifestyle of your children.

What People Are Saying

Thomas’s Dad says:

The Black Belt school has been great for my sons development both physically and mentally. Thomas has been enjoying martial arts for 2 years now and his confidence has increased hugely. I would highly recommend it to everyone!!

Paulette says:

Krav Maga has opened up exercise regime. There is so much vaue in this class for me as a female. O feel that I have some handy skills that would help me out in a difficult situation if attacked.

I have learnt discipline that comes from activiely listening to instruction to instructions that will help me in all areas of my life.

This is as well as physical skill that everyone should learn.

Parent of Nayab and Hayaan Kiani says:

What I really love about this academy is that it is not just about self defence. It’s about fitness, confidence and discipline. I have come to learn that my children will benefit in more ways than one, opening doors for the future. My kids love attending this academy.

Simon says:

I started with my kid after watching my son get his junior black belt. That was 18 months ago and I still love coming to the classes. It’s a great way to really push myself, learn new skills, meet some great people and improve my fitness in a supportive but challenging way. Each week I make to get to class because of what I get from it.

Dylan R’s Mum says:

My son has been coming for two years now. From the very first class he was made to feel welcome and part of the club. The instructors have all played a major part in building my sons confidence and fitness. He has more friends throughout the club that will stay with him from years to come. DBBA is a great place for kids and adults of varied abilities and backgrounds.

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