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Welcome to our Mixed Martial Arts and Martial Arts Program

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This is a brand new, fresh experience for getting you in shape. Success is very much reliant on working in teams and we plan to get you working in partners and Groups.

This class is unlike any other Martial Arts Program. With the creative flair of Mixed Martial Arts techniques and routines that are designed to get you working in pairs through out the class.

I can assure you this class is the most exciting fitness program to date. In our classes the music is current and the social atmosphere is like a saturday night. The results are second to none.

If you do not see a change after 30 days of playing full out i'll give you your money back and another 30 days free.

So what to expect at one of Martial Arts Classes:-

We are going to start you off with Easy to learn routines that is going to get you stronger, fitter and more confident in a very short amount of time. As I probably indicated before 99% of your workout is designed to get you working with the support of a partner. As you get stronger and more confident we will increase your work and intensity.

Our Mixed Martial Arts Classes in Manchester are specifically created for people on a busy schedule who want to discover how to

  • Get in shape and stay in shape
  • Kick start energy levels
  • Train in a supportive friendly environment
  • Gain unstoppable confidence
  • Acquire vital self defence skills

Mixed Martial Arts Classes - Manchester, Sale, Didsbury and Prestwich

Mixed Martial Arts plays knowledge is vital in today times. Aside from being equipped with self defense skills in the case of an unexpected situation, Mixed Martial arts training can provide you with a sense of confidents and self-discipline . When most people say mixed martial arts you instantly think of cage fighting however our mixed martial program is so much more.

We totally understand there are a large number of people who want to gain Mixed martial arts knowledge with out having to compete or under go the wear and tear fighters go through. However they may want to have the option if possible in the future at an amateur event.

MMA first became popular in the early 90’s due to the ultimate fighter competitions were fighters from many different styles competed to see which style was the best. Rather than finding out which style was the best a new appreciation for martial arts emerged. It was discovered that a basic knowledge of all aspects of fighting while focusing on your strengths gave a fighter a clear advantage over a master of one. So it was vital to learn a Stand up game, Ground game, takedowns, takedown prevention and so on. Combining styles in martial arts results in one major outcome, which is learning on how to fight.

What are the Benefits of our Mixed Martial Arts Classes?

It is obvious that the more knowledge you have the better position you are in making the right decisions. Knowledge is power. So apart from having an understanding of all major arts a mixed martial arts system with in our black belt academy you will have the following benefits:


When you join or Mixed Martial Arts Manchester Academy, you will be joining a community. There is no meat heads trying to beat you up but professionals who after work or during their lunch hour pop over to the academy for a class. A lot of our member’s network and training amongst friend is a great way to meet your fitness goals and bounce ideas off each other.


A mixed martial arts program builds confidence as you conqueror challenges while working through our curriculum. Confidence comes through practice and their is no other sport that can give you challenges like MMA. As your skill levels increase, your ability of facing new challenges increases too. Your confidence will not only make you feel better about yourself but it will make you exude with confidence that will be noticeable amongst others.


Training of MMA can give you the guarantee to improve your level of fitness. A Mixed Martial Artist is a well-rounded sportspersons. Being involved in Martial arts lifestyle will give you the opportunity to change your body together with your spirit and mind.

Self Defense

Studying in MMA can increase the level of your preparedness to different and dangerous circumstances. As being knowledgeable about the combative arts, you will have the ability to defend yourself.


Our black belt academy is different from the spit and saw dust model as we are centered around respect. Being a professional academy in Didsbury we have kept original martial arts values. You will find our academy uplifting and therefore attract families as well as singles to train.

Now that you know the benefits that you could have in learning a Mixed Martial Arts program at our academy why not book a Free session or take up one of our many web offers. Just fill in the contact box to book a class or request more details.

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